Wireless RF Barcode Reader integration to existing Windows software made easy!

Linking portable barcode readers directly into your existing Windows software using 802.11 wireless RF technology is a great idea. Your barcode readers become an extension in real time of your PC network. No more returning to a download cradle as with a batch portable, except for recharging.

The RF barcode readers can potentially query your accounting system directly and immediately, or write collected information straight to a disk file, or email your supplier to confirm receipt of goods (or just about anything else you can think of).

The trouble is that until now, implementing such a system was complex, time consuming, and expensive, and locked you into particular hardware. First, a special Site Survey was needed to check radio operation, then Remapping software to squeeze part of a video terminal screen into the much smaller Barcode Reader screen. An alternative was the insertion of drivers into your software, but what if you didn't have source code? None of these special services were low cost, so no wonder RF solutions were only found in the warehouses and supermarkets of large companies with big budgets.

RFolution! (pronounced "ref-olution") addresses these issues, at a time when hardware prices are also trending down. So what are you waiting for?

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With RFolution! installed on your PC, you can develop and test wireless RF applications without any hardware! Your applications can seamlessly integrate to Windows applications using ODBC, ADO, or virtually any other connectivity standard. Once your application is developed you will also be able to run it on hardware from multiple vendors. You might even be able to modify one of our sample programs to suit your needs.

Whether you are a hardware vendor, a software developer, or an end user, RFolution! solves the problems wireless RF data collection systems for those using PC networks. And by doing so, it'll save you time and money.

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